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If detected early it can be treated and the patient can enjoy a full recovery and a long life afterwards.

In this particular article I am going to cover prevention, or at least as close to prevention as you are going to get. Unfortunately no matter what preventative measures you take there is always a chance you will get breast cancer.

I’m going to list these preventative measures in plain English and NOT in medical babble. I never could understand half that stuff anyway.

1. Don’t drink so much. Supposedly there is a strong link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer and it doesn’t matter what type of alcohol it is. They’re all bad. They say to have less than 1 drink per day. My wife has a drink about once a week so I guess she’s okay there. If ,however, you do drink, also drink lots of citrus juices. Supposedly this lowers the risk of breast

2. Keep your weight down. Supposedly there is a link between being overweight and getting breast cancer, especially if you gain a lot of weight after menopause It seems that the more fatty tissue the more oestrogen you have and high oestrogen levels are linked to breast cancer.

3. Exercise. Sounds simple enough, but in today’s fast paced
society it is sometimes very hard to find time to hit the gym
or the treadmill or even to go for a walk. Exercise is important for maintaining a healthy weight. They say at least 30 minutes a day. My wife and I both do an hour but believe me, it’s not easy.

4. Stay away from fatty foods. I guess this goes hand in hand with keeping your weight down. They say your fat intake should be no more than 35% of your total calories for the day. I’m not sure how to figure that out. You may want to consult with your doctor on this.

5. Aspirin. Well, they said that aspirin was good for preventing
heart attacks and now they say there is definitely a link between taking a regimen of aspirin and preventing breast cancer. That is one thing my wife and I don’t do at all. The last time either of us had an aspirin was 20 years ago. Hopefully, that she’s skinny will be good enough.

6. Avoid hormone therapy. There is a link between women who have
hormone therapy after menopause and breast cancer. Simply stated, don’t do it. It’s not worth the risks just to avoid hot flushes.

7. Pesticides. This one surprised me but there is a definite link between exposure to pesticides and breast cancer. So try to use them as little as possible. There are many natural ways to kill pests. There are books you can buy on the subject. Just do a Google search for “Natural Pest Removal.”

8. Antibiotics. Avoid taking them if possible. Excessive use of antibiotics weakens the immune system which increases the risk of getting breast, or for that matter, any kind of cancer.

And that’s about it in plain English. Follow the above guidelines and you have an excellent chance of avoiding breast cancer.

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