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Is colon cancer one of the causes of lower abdominal pain?

Most colon cancer does not cause pain in the early stages. That is why it is so important for everyone over 50 years old to get screened. It is much easier to cure colon cancer when it is small and has not spread anywhere.

Sometimes the stool inside the colon gets stopped and backs up causing pain. This can happen from simple constipation due to many things or because a polyp has grown large enough to make an obstruction. Your doctor will be able to determine what is going on.

The specific location of the pain is important, too. Mid abdominal pain may simply be a stomach problem from what you eat or worry about events in the rapidly changing world, but any pain that lasts for a few days should be checked out.

The most common colon cancer symptoms are:

• Changes in your bowel habits for more than 4 days

• Stomach cramps

• Blood in the stools

• Felling full in your bowel after a bowel movement

• Unexplained weight loss

• Feeling Tired

Tell your doctor if your bowel movements have changed, if you feel any pain, and especially if you notice any blood in your stool.

Feeling tired can be a symptom of many diseases. Unexplained tiredness is especially true of colon cancer. When your tumors are bleeding, you are also losing iron. That iron is an important part of your blood that carries oxygen all over your body. It is the lack of oxygen that makes you feel tired.

The colon cancer signs and symptoms are not always clear. Early detection is your best weapon against this disease. Listen to your body and to the signals it is giving you.

Stephen Goldner is the President of Cancer Information Center and the organizer of the Colon Cancer Resource and other cancer related web sites. He is a toxicologist and lawyer with almost 40 years experience in the medical field as inventor, developer and innovator of drugs and medical devices for people.

The Colon Cancer Resource website is dedicated to providing a complete understanding of colon cancer and colorectal cancer in clear understandable language for patients and their families.

If you or someone you know is afflicted by Colon Cancer we encourage you to visit the Colon Cancer Resource where you will find lots of helpful information and answers to questions.

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